Johnston Summer Seminar 2014

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Johnston Summer Seminar 2014

Event Description - Johnston Summer Seminar 2014

Johnston Summer Seminar 2014

June 27 - July 4

Johnston is delighted to announce the next in our growing series of summer alumni seminars led by Johnston-connected faculty, past and present.  This year’s week-long gathering, led by Bill McDonald, focuses on Lawrence Durrell’s interrelated set of four novels, The Alexandria Quartet (1957-60), set mostly in Egypt before, during and after Word War II.  The choice of the Quartet began with several alums from earlier seminars lobbying for its pleasures and challenges as a perfect subject for Johnston’s “unsolitary readers” across the decades.  Bill agreed to head up the effort, and we’re ready to make it happen.

The seminar will take place at the famous California conference center, Asilomar, on the ocean near Monterey, from the evening of Friday, June 27 to the morning of July 4th, 2014.  We must limit enrollment to twenty in order to keep seminar dynamics, and nearly half of those places are already spoken for, so if you are interested, please contact Bill soon.
We’re setting a deadline of JANUARY 25, 2014, for a $400 per person deposit.  The daily cost includes full board, a $10 per day facility fee, food service charges and taxes, and access to the many “extras” Asilomar offers.  The Center is picking up the considerable expense of our meeting room, and several other smaller necessities, so the room/board charge, transportation aside, will be your full outlay.   We may well be able to add more people after that date, but it will depend on what rooms are still available. If you’re committed to coming, and depositing by that date creates intractable problems for you, please let Bill know.

There will be some limited scholarship help, much of it donated by alums themselves, for participants, especially recent alums, who want to join and need assistance.  Again, contact Bill for particulars.

Singles: $247.07 a day, $1729.49 for the week
Doubles: $159.72 per person, $1118.04 per person for the week

View the full pamphlet here.
Contact Bill McDonald at
Contact Information
Office of Alumni Relations
(909) 748-8011

Date: 6/27/2014 to 7/4/2014