Bulldogs For Life

Alumni & Friends


In 1926, University students and alumni rallied together to save one of our most beloved symbols of pride- the "R" constructed by students high on a hillside of the nearby San Bernardino Mountains. The "R" watched proudly over our valley and our University below until the U.S. Forest Service threatened to remove it because of a ban on advertising. We urged officials to reconsider. It was a sign of loyalty, we said, pride, and history. Our motives, we argued, "are among the highest that can adorn the human heart."

The "R" was saved to continue its watch over the University.

Even in our infancy, the University was a place that valued history, and that has never changed in our 100 + years. From our legacy of service to the community to the revered Och Tamale chant, we celebrate a wide range of time-honored traditions with a commitment that grows deeper with every generation.

We soar on the strength of our shared histories.