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Val Jensen

Val's office handles cases related to fraudulent travel documents like US passports and visas along with human trafficking investigations. He attributes his strong critical thinking skills to classes he took as a part of his coursework at Redlands. He developed interpersonal skills that are important to his current position by being involved in theater arts on campus and credits a class in counseling he took with Dr. Fred Rabinowitz with sharpening his ability to listen and empathize with others.During his time at the Bureau, Val developed his skills and proved his competence.He feels Redlands is the cornerstone for all he has gone on to do.

Now, he is in the middle of a lengthy hiring process required to become a Diplomatic Security Special Agent in the same bureau, his career goal. DSS Agents are regional security officers at US embassies around the world.They protect diplomats, the Secretary of State and foreign dignitaries. In the United States they investigate and enforce federal law regarding travel document fraud. He sees the University of Redlands as a great foundation, a place where he tried new things and grew intellectually and socially. He will take a bit of our Bulldog spirit with him, no matter where he goes.