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Schoning Christmas Memories

Bulldog dignitaries (back row) Parke Terry, Don Stillman, Les McCallum, and (front row) Paul Malone,
Jim Schoning, and Jum Allen comprise policy-making Editorial Board of '65's All-American newspaper.

      The class of 1965 was part of an era.  We stood on the shoulders of our predecessors – and, for sure, we left some work for those who came behind us!  This past October saw a reunion of the gang that resurrected the University of Redlands student newspaper:  you may recall that in the spring of 1962, the Redlands Bulldog ceased publication rather than submit to prior censorship by the University Administration. The paper then rose from the ashes to All-American status, thrice earning “Pacemaker” recognition by the American Newspaper Publishers Association as one of the top five college newspapers in the nation.  For those involved in this process, life-long friendships and values and enduring professional standards and horizons all took shape and direction.  At least six Bulldoggers won summer jobs from the Dow Jones-sponsored Newspaper Fund – five with various Wall Street Journal bureaus.

      Bulldogger participants at this event include one active journalist, Bill Bruns ('64), the Editor of the Palisades Post; the recently retired Germany-based journalist  R. Bruce Colvin; an actress-singer of MASH and Brazil 66 acclaim, Karen Phillip Profft; a distinguished senior executive of the United Auto Workers, ASUR Student Body President Don Stillman, '67; three able attorneys, including Bob Levy and Bob Johnson, (both '64), the latter Editor-in Chief 1962-63; and Paul Malone, '65, Bulldog Business Manager and Founder of the distinguished UR humor Magazine, the Fireplug.  Also participating: Bev Wilson, '65, one of the few women from that "curfewed era" to rise in the Bulldog editorial hierarchy; and three gents active (two more, one less) in and around the California State Capitol.  This includes Legislative Advocate Parke Terry and Executive Branch Exec John Parrish, both class of '66; Jim Schoning, '65, now a retired Capitol denizen, rose from Sports Editor to Washington Correspondent to 1964-65 Editor-in-Chief.  At a warm and memorable October 21 Redlands luncheon at Isabella's Ristorante, still working journalist Bruns regaled the gang with a lively description of what his daily routine remains -- and once was ours:  "Where's the caption . . . who has the page one foto? . . . where are tomorrow's ads . . . how did that @#&! get in the last edition? . . . "  After many more stories (some printable) we finally all lifted our glasses to the true teacher, exemplar and inspirer who brought us together and raised our sights, standards and ambitions:  Professor Howard Hurlbut and his bride Sue, who lent him to this formative era for us all.  Then, we adjourned to Palm Desert for a hike up Indian Canyon and the final Presidential 2012 Debate; while there was divided opinion as to the election, we all agreed the hike was great and we should not wait another 12 years for the next Bulldog Reunion!

Paul Malone, Business Manager, confers with an advertising client.

-- An excerpt from the Schoning Christmas Newsletter
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