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June Hudson Reception

To celebrate the conclusion of the May Term course "Designing for Science Fiction Television," a reception was held in honor of costume designer and visiting scholar June Hudson. Hudson a designer for the BBC sci-fi series “Doctor Who," has taught a total of six May Term classes at the University of Redlands and this May was her last.  

The reception was a way for her students to have a proper goodbye and celebrate the end of an era. The gathering brought together members of the class, their friends, June’s family, the town and campus community which included fans of Doctor Who. Those fans along with everyone present had the opportunity to look closely at drawings from the late seventies and early eighties in a select showing. The event built upon the critical mass of enthusiasm generated by the Redlands Forum at ESRI the previous night. 

The May Term course was a collaboration of June Hudson and Piers Britton Director of the Visual & Media Studies Program at the University. Each term Hudson insisted from the outset that she do every design that students were asked to do. Hudson and Britton taught around a Doctor Who screenplay that was almost always adapted from a novel or audio-drama. In turn they would ask students to devise costumes, sets and props depending on their passion for “the paper production.” The intensive May Term course gave students the sense of pressure that a real costume designer in television has to contend with. 

Throughout the years many of Hudson's former students have credited her with pursuing careers after taking the course. Hudson not only taught designing, she taught those around her a set of transferable skills: learning to subordinate one’s ego to a larger project, to work collaboratively and be supportive of the needs of others. To be confident, impassioned and rhetorically smart in selling ideas, and to know when discretion is the better part of valor. Britton says, “June’s energy is inspiring, and working collaboratively with her, both as director and producer of the paper production… has been an absolute thrill and delight.”