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Robert Kindseth

An Alumni Extension: Bob Kindseth, '52

Oh my gosh! Is it really 60 years?  Your letter caused me to drag out and dust off a "52 " La Letra.

I remember you as a brother in Alpha gamma Nu, but forgot we were in Ochesis together. Which brings me to what I am up to now. I never stopped dancing except for a pause when I married my life long sweetheart, Jeri, had four sons, 6 grandchildren….Became an administrator in the LAUSD High  Schools Division, retired and seventeen years ago had  double bypass surgery. While looking for ways to recuperate and exercise I wondered if I could still dance.

It was like riding a bicycle. You never forget. So, after putting away the tap shoes for forty five years, for the last thirteen years I've belonged to a senior performing tap dance group called the Razzmatappers (Look them up on the net). We range in age 60 to 83. At 81, I am the second oldest. We perform wherever we're asked. Have four shows in March. See the attached pictures (If I can do it) and get a laugh.One male tap dancer and nine ex-showgirls…..Somebody has to do it.  Keeps young and fit. 

It was good hearing from you, Bob. What fun it would be to see everybody.  I hate missing a party, but we will on the road in our motorhome in May. So, I will not be able to attend.  But please feel free to pass along my email, phone number and pictures to anybody who might care to communicate. Would be fun hearing from some old friends.

Bob Kindseth